100% NATURAL! Store in cool, dry place. CONSISTENCY IS KEY FOR THE BEST RESULTS. This multipurpose face + body oil is very lightweight! It doesn’t weigh your skin down or make your skin look/feel excessively oily. Test on small portion of skin before use to check for allergens. (2oz bottle)



- moisturize + balance

- reduce/remove blemishes (dark spots/scars)

- soothe skin irritation + inflammation (breakouts/acne, rosacea, eczema, hives, sun burn, etc.)

- Enhance the overall appearance of your skin



- cleanse your face as usual (choose products designed for your skin type for best results)

- Gently pat face/body dry

- FACE: Apply oil 2x a day (only once if you have naturally oily skin to avoid clogging your pores) + gently massage into your skin

BODY: Can be applied to any part of your body as needed (external use only)


*Great for use before make-up application if you have dry skin!*


Disclaimer: Keep out of direct sunlight + use within 3-4 months. This product is 100% ORGANIC + NON GMO (Including the flowers)


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